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Success stories from our patients

"I was involved in an automobile accident. I went to the Emergency Room at Miami Valley Hospital was treated and released. The doctor said there were no major problems, that I should be up and moving in 2-3 days. I was unable to move without help and continued to have sharp pains in my neck and back. I work in sales, and the pain interfered with my ability to work and my ability to do day-to-day activities. A couple of days later, I was referred to Kettering Chiropractic Center. Dr. Sacksteder is fantastic he did several adjustments to my neck and back and rehabilitative therapy. I started to feel relief after several adjustments. I went from not being able to move to better movement and health. Dr. Sacksteder has great patient relations, works at your own pace, and is always concerned about your health. He has given me helpful information for my family’s health. The entire staff is great, very knowledgeable and friendly. The therapy is superb, if not for the therapy combined with the adjustments, I would still be in a lot of pain and have reduced movement. Thank you for everything," - Ed W.

"I am a certified nursing assistant and I injured my back lifting a bedridden patient. My symptoms were chronic neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back and sciatica pain, tilted pelvis, left hip pain and sinus problems. My job requires a lot of lifting, which I could no longer perform. I could no longer walk without screaming in pain. My family doctor prescribed heat treatments, bed rest, muscle relaxants and pain pills. My son told me how much Dr. Sacksteder had helped him, so I decided to try it. Dr. Sacksteder put me at ease. He answered all my questions and I knew I was in healing hands. I am no longer taking any pills to sleep at night. I am walking pain-free. I am walking 2 miles three times a week with no sciatica, neck, shoulder, or low back pain or sinus problems. In another month, I will be able to take on a job to do patient care, which is my specialty. My son is also back to work and my husband is now seeing Dr. Sacksteder because he has seen what he has done for me. I call the Kettering Chiropractic Center a house of healing miracles. The doctors have healing hands. The staff is excellent, on a scale of 1-10, all of them are 12’s. Perfection as a team, all working together in perfect harmony for the better of my health and my loved ones." - Mary S.

"In the spring, my eleven-year-old daughter started missing school about once every two weeks. The complaint was always the same…headaches. During the next six months, we sought help from our family doctor, an ophthalmologist, a pediatric neurologist, a psychologist, and finally an orthodontist with no results. By fall, our daughter was absent from school three or four days every week, and in pain from the headaches almost constantly. In October, at the urging of a friend, we decided to try chiropractic care. After a few weeks of treatment, her head pain was relieved. Her ‘wellness’ began on December 3rd. It was like a miracle. We can’t thank you enough, Dr. Sacksteder." - The H. Family

The doctor put me at ease, answered my questions, and I knew I was in healing hands.  The entire staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.

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"I am writing to express my appreciation for your recent efforts in the treatment of my ‘tennis elbow’ and in the realignment of my hips. The results have been great. For the first time in years, I can go about my daily activities free of pain…thank you so much," - Pamela K.

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"I have had eleven years of lower back pain, but since I have been going to Dr. Sacksteder my pain has been relieved up to 80 to 85%. After a hard day of work, his treatment helps me to feel relaxed and calms my nervous system down. I am glad to have contact with my chiropractor and I would recommend anyone that has back problems to see a chiropractor. This is my opinion and I am truly satisfied with my results." - Al J.

"During a dance competition, I was performing a split ripple. When doing this, I lost my balance and popped my leg and jammed my vertebra. I started experiencing constant excruciating back and leg pain. This pain lasted for about two and a half years. I eventually had to quit what I loved doing, dancing. I could not sit, walk, or stand for more than 10 minutes without pain. I was unable to carry my schoolbooks because of the pain I was experiencing in my back. I finally decided to see a doctor about this condition. I went to Dr. A. an orthopedist. I went through tons of tests, x-rays, and physical therapy with no progress. My grandfather is a member of the Milton Athletic Club and knew Dr. Sacksteder from there. My grandfather referred me to Kettering Chiropractic Center. Dr. Sacksteder is very gentle and patient, after several adjustments and therapy I started feeling a lot better. Currently, I am feeling almost no pain, and I can participate in everyday activities, and maybe eventually go back to dancing. Dr. Sacksteder and the techniques at this office gave me something back that I thought was gone forever, my life. I can now do things a teenager should be able to do. I go dancing and to the amusement parks, I laugh, smile and love life. Thank you." - Stacy M.

"I began seeing Dr. Sacksteder because of severe neck pain. I had rolled over in bed and had immediate neck pain and stiffness. Before I knew it, I was in severe pain, and I couldn’t move my neck. A friend of mine suggested that Dr. Sacksteder might be able to help me. Since my first visit, I have gone from having severe pain to having no pain in my neck. Dr. Sacksteder has been great in handling all aspects of my care. Thanks." - Ken B.

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